Your First Visit

Getting to know you – and your teeth

Information Gathering

During your first visit, Dr. DuClos and his Treatment Coordinator work together to take all the records necessary and perform a thorough exam. This allows Dr. DuClos to make an accurate diagnosis based on his specialty training and years of experience. He will determine the timing of any recommended treatment in order to take advantage of active growth and development.

Please remember to bring your completed New Patient Form.

Questions and Concerns

Your first visit is the perfect time to learn about Dr. DuClos, the practice, and what you can expect from your orthodontic experience. Dr. DuClos takes the time to address all your question and concerns, so you understand and feel comfortable with the process.

Starting Treatment

This timing differs for each patient. Many of our younger patients are placed in an observation program to monitor growth and development until they reach the optimum time to start treatment. Adolescent and adult patients who are ready to start treatment right away can do so within a week, since we obtain all the necessary records and required information during the first visit.